Restoration Network Supports Proposed Statement of Faith

Restoration Network Supports Proposed Statement of Faith

To the Executive Council and the delegate body of the Advent Christian General Conference,

Having fully considered the proposed Statement of Faith and the explicit Trinitarian formulation contained therein, we the undersigned, as members of the Restoration Network in the Eastern Region, do lend our signatures and our unyielding support to the adoption of this Statement of Faith for the Advent Christian General Conference. In offering our support, we do so believing that the adoption of this statement will bring the Advent Christian denomination definitively within the bounds of Christian orthodoxy and that it will correspondingly exhort Advent Christians everywhere to adhere to the clear teachings of Scripture as revealed by our Lord and God Jesus Christ. We believe that failure to come together in agreement here upon these most basic and essential truths of Christian confession would be to confess ourselves to be faithless and careless stewards of the Gospel, thereby undermining the very message we seek to proclaim.  As we lend our unwavering support to this measure, we do so fully aware that this does not settle the important question of whether we ought to maintain Christian fellowship with those who deny the most basic truths of the Christian faith, those essential truths by which all Christian unity is constituted. Until such a standard for fellowship exists, our love for the truth and for those who stray will remain in doubt. Though this question remains unanswered, we nevertheless believe that the adoption of this statement is a vitally important step toward  defining Advent Christian identity and ensuring that we press forward as obedient servants of Christ. We believe that we must unite around this statement without delay.




Pastor Thomas J. Loghry,  Assistant Pastor,                      North Scituate Advent Christian Church, North Scituate, RI

Rev. Derek P. Irvine, Associate Pastor,                            Vernon Advent Christian Church Vernon, VT


Rev. Andrew J. Rice, Senior Pastor,                                                    Faith Evangelical Church, Melrose, MA

Pastor Erik Reynolds, Director of Student Ministries,                         Oak Hill Bible Church Oxford, MA

Pastor Joshua Rice, Associate Pastor,                                       Emmanuel Advent Christian Church, Rochester, NH

Pastor Mike Alix, Senior Pastor,                                                     Blessed Hope Advent Christian Church, Waterville, ME

Pastor Corey J. McLaughlin, Senior Pastor,                                 Sheffield Chapel, Sheffield, MA

Rev. Joshua L. Blackstone, Elder,                                                  Blessed Hope Advent Christian Church Waterville, ME

Pastor Samuel Cobb, Associate Minister of Youth,                          Hope Church, Lenox, MA

Rev. Nathaniel S. Bickford, Pastor,                                               Attleboro Advent Christian Church, Attleboro, MA

Rev. Joshua A. Brown, Pastor,                                                         Calvary Bible Church, Meredith, NH

Rev. Nicholas Foss, Elder,                                                             Sheffield Chapel, Sheffield, MA

Pastor Nate Hasty, Pastor,                                                                   State Street Church, Portsmouth, NH

Pastor Jim Havener, Pastor,                                                                 Beals Advent Christian Church Beals, ME

Pastor Paul Gant, Pastor,                                                                       Sea Road Christian Church, Kennebunk, ME

Edwin Martinez, Youth Pastor,                                                               Sea Road Christian Church, Kennebunk, ME

Josh Alves, Assistant Pastor,                                                           Bangor Advent Christian Church, Bangor, ME

Rev. Chris Barton, Pastor,                                                              Newport Center Advent Christian Church, Newport Center, VT

Craig Hunt, Deacon,                                                                              Oak Hill Bible Church, Oxford MA 

Pastor Andrew Blackstone, Associate Pastor,                                   State Road Advent Christian Church, Mapleton, ME


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