Advent Christian Voices is dedicated to fostering dialogue among Advent Christians on issues of church and theology.



A Brief History

In recent years, the theological and ecclesiological discussions within the Advent Christian denomination have been marked by a notable absence of dialogue among the wider Advent Christian body. While the work of those serving in official denominational capacities is undoubtedly appreciated, they and so many of our pastors and churches across the world have lacked the opportunity to be informed and encouraged by mutually beneficial, distinctively Advent Christian dialogue. Looking back to our origins, we see that Advent Christian people engaged in vigorous dialogue through use of tracts and magazines like the World's Crisis, and that more recently The Advent Christian Witness and the journal Henceforth have attempted to carry on this tradition.  We believe that given the costs and difficulties surrounding publishing and given the general shift in our society toward digital formats for exchanging ideas, a new medium for Advent Christian dialogue is required. To this end, we have created  Advent Christian Voices.

Advent Christian Voices has been created to operate as an open-ended, continuously running blog. While the editor reserves the right to refuse submissions that do not speak to issues of church and theology, that are needlessly repetitive, or that are slanderous and obscene, we intend to otherwise permit the submissions of all perspectives that come to the table. While we will typically only accept submissions from Advent Christians, we will occasionally accept the submissions of those outside of the denomination who are interested. Advent Christian Voices exists only to facilitate dialogue and will not employ any theological or philosophical grid through which one must pass to contribute. When disagreements arise, we would encourage constructive interactions in the comments section of articles and the submission of response articles.  Looking to that old Reformation adage, we expect that the rule and goal of all our interactions would be to maintain "in essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity."