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3 Things I Found at Triennial

Original Post: Identity: What does it mean to be an Advent Christian?

Answer: With the passing of our new Statement of Faith we have given ourselves a much greater sense of identity. Advent Christians are Evangelical followers of Jesus Christ who seek to make Christ’s name known throughout the world with a longing for the imminent return of Christ, finding our only hope in Him.

A Non-Creedal Voice in Favor of the Statement of Faith: Dave Ross shares his opinion with Corey McLaughlin

I do not believe that there is the remotest chance that this proposed [Statement of Faith] will fail to pass at the Triennial Convention.  I personally know of no one, for sure, that is planning to vote against it.* 

We successfully passed the resolution for ACGC to officially embrace the NAE Statement of Faith and become a full member of NAE at the 1987 ACGC Convention (in Charleston, WV, of all places; at the time a bastion of A.C. non-trinitarianism).